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Empty Arms (Steve Rogers x Mute!Reader)
She's giving you that look again. That sadness and hint of pity that she tries to hide with a smile. You shift uncomfortably in your seat as she stares, and your gaze slips to the steaming cup of hot chocolate in front of you. It was going so well, too. 
Outings with your closest friend always eased the pain of being alone and made you forget the world as it was. All until the topic of the words on your arm came up. You're that deep in thought about all the times this has happened recently that you stop registering that there's words coming out of her mouth and she's speaking to you, but quickly catch yourself as her stare intensifies. She knows you're zoning out.
"...and I'm sure that you're going to bump into your special anytime soon! I mean, come on, how many people even think the word M'am anymore?"
You really wish she'd stop talking about it. After a few seconds of deliberation you decide to flash her a smile and nod, tugging the long sleeve of your shirt self conscio
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Seven minutes in heaven taking series requests
So I'm back. I know it's been an awfully long time. I've been having the worst time ever, ha. Between being sick and losing family members I've been having a pretty shoddy year. BUT I'M HELLA BACK.
I've also had my first work-stealing fiasco. It doesn't feel very nice. Follow Me is the work in question, taken and posted by user SweetKeke23 on Wattpad. I've never even had a Wattpad account myself, but I've made one to try and ask the mentioned user to remove the story. They haven't been active for a while though so I don't even know if they're ever going to read the message. Sigh...
First point of business. My writing skills are in need of waking up, so I'm thinking of beginning to write Seven minutes in heaven stories.
Please let me know which series you would like in the comments below and I'll go with majority. (I'll do most anime, movies, books and creepypasta etc)
will be posted in a different story so keep your eyes peeled ;)
:iconcopper-wire:Copper-Wire 2 5
hm by Copper-Wire hm :iconcopper-wire:Copper-Wire 2 1
Rock, Paper, Scissors? Really? (10th x Reader)
"Rock, paper, scissors?" You lift an incredulous eyebrow at the Doctor's beaming face, "Seriously? Out of all the games in the universe you could have picked that would actually pass the time, you come up with rock, paper, scissors?"
He keeps smiling, "Well, yeah. If you'd prefer to go outside into your untimely death, the door's right there. Though to be honest, I'd rather you didn't do that."
You sigh, your legs swinging as you somehow balance yourself on your perch at the TARDIS console. The machinery next to you bleeps in what almost sounds like sympathy. Somehow the Doctor had managed to get you stranded in the pull of a Black Hole with just enough 'umph' (as he so gracefully put it) to get out after a few hours.
"Surely there's a games room or something in here, considering that it's 'bigger on the inside'." You roll your eyes as you tease the Time Lord. "Or there's got to be a game that the residents of some far off planet like to play. Rock, paper, scissors is so
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Could Have Been Longer (Dean Winchester x Reader)
"Woah!" You yelped as you flung yourself away from the exploding door and out of view from the entrance to your house behind the sofa. You threw your arms over your head protectively as splinters of wood rained down , and your hand tightened around the kitchen knife with it's blade tinted a rusty, dried red.
~Two Weeks ago~
"Find anything, Sam?" The brunette looked up at the sound of your voice as you leaned back from the books spread across the table in front of you.
He sighed and waveed his hands at the laptop, clearly unimpressed, "Nothing. It's smart, I'll give it that. I can't find any clues about what it is."
You nodded as he carried on with his research and idly wondered when Dean will get back from speaking to the Mayor of the town. The case had caught (well, demanded) your attention when the Mayor of the town himself had got in contact with you (apparently he was an old friend of Ellen's, a 'retired' hunter by the name of Calloway) unable to figure out what this creatur
:iconcopper-wire:Copper-Wire 107 8
Right Revenge (Claude Faustus x Reader oneshot)
'If you prick us do we not bleed? If you tickle us do we not laugh? If you poison us do we not die? And if you wrong us shall we not revenge?'
                                     - William Shakespeare
It was sunny, which was a rare feat in itself. You sat next to a large window, practicing stitch patterns on a new clothing design you had created. It was the very window your mother, your sister and yourself used to gather round when you were young, before they were murdered in their own home. The sun made your (Hair Colour) hair shimmer somewhat, your (Eye Colour) eyes hidden behind thick lashes as you focused on the work in your lap. The warmth of the light comforted you; you had always feared the dark.
"Mistress, one Ciel Phantomhive in the company of his butler would like to wish you well on your birthday."
You did not regard your demon butler, Noel, or his sudden appearance; you si
:iconcopper-wire:Copper-Wire 446 52
Pain of Healing (Kakuzu x Reader oneshot)
The crack of your hands against the table echoed through the bar, the scraping of your chair against the floor making the men surrounding you cringe. Cards scattered from the table to the ground, as if eager to get away from your fury.
"Alright, you damn cretin, give me my prize money!" You yelled angrily.
The man across the table from you showed no reaction to your outburst. He kicked his feet back, his hands behind his head, a cigarette hanging loosely from his lips. He smirked, "What prize money? You haven't won anything, darlin', and the last time I checked, you had to win somethin' in order to gain a prize." He drawled, smoke curling up defiantly from the cigarette.
You snarled, your (e/c) eyes flashing dangerously, "I did win. I beat you fair and square!" You protested, your voice a low growl.
The man shrugged his shoulders, gesturing at his hand of cards still miraculously splayed across the table, "I believe I won, darlin'." He snickered.
Your eyes widened, he'd changed
:iconcopper-wire:Copper-Wire 258 32
Craving the Fire (Loki x Reader Oneshot)
"You just want someone to be proud of you."
The Asgardian's eyes widened at her statement, but only fractionally. He chose not to speak. He was tired of dealing with the constant interrogations, so ignored them, and this one was no different.
"I'm not here to interrogate you." Yet again, she startled him. He didn't know if it was what she was saying, or how she saying it. Or was it just the sound of her voice that was catching him off guard? It was comforting, as if seducing him into spilling all of his thoughts and feelings onto the floor in front of him. It reminded him of the tone his mother used to use on him. He felt like he might drown if he did reveal his emotions in this small, glass prison. "I'm just here to talk."
He raised his eyes to her shoulder, but did not make contact with her gaze. He didn't want to see the lies there like he suspected. It disgusted him. Human filth.
Feathery (h/c) hair fell past her broadened and strong shoulders, yet he could tell that this was not A
:iconcopper-wire:Copper-Wire 299 54
A Matter of Trust (Vampire!Itachi x Reader)
A few nights before Itachi murdered his clan, he had visited you. The visit broke your heart, your life nearly going with it. You were unbelievably close to Itachi, that the idea of him doing what he did made you feel sick. You remember him being upset, so you were trying to console him, but no matter what you said he remained stoic, almost in regret. After a few minutes, you only remember a searing pain across your heart and blackness. You had woke a few hours later in your bed to find your front door open with the rain pouring in and Itachi gone. Your chest was bandaged and there was a deep cut across the area where your heart was. You were shocked. What was Itachi doing? More importantly, why was he acting like this? The next morning, you found out about Shisui's murder. The night of the massacre when you nearly lost your life once more, you discovered Itachi had done it.
He had the Mangekyo.
You figured that you were the first attempt for it.
It had been a while since the news of t
:iconcopper-wire:Copper-Wire 194 18
Possessive Instinct (Kaname Kuran x Reader)
The breeze that ruffled your (h/c) hair was warm, and you sighed up at the stars as you sat uncomfortably on the cold stone balcony. It had been a few hours since the Night Class had departed for their night schooling, leaving you wondering why once again.
Why were you the only person in the Moon Dorms that was not a part of the Night Class? Why were you placed into dorms with people you hardly ever saw; when you were in class they were asleep, and vice versa?
It was all confusing to you, but you just remained silent and went with it- it was the Chairman's request after all, who were you to question his choice? You were just the new girl.
You had pored over these thoughts for the past month, never reaching an answer. Every time you had decided to confront the leader of the dorm, Kaname Kuran, your resolve had withered under his gaze. You admitted that you were attracted the boy, but there was something about him- about all the Night Class- that was
Deciding that your seatin
:iconcopper-wire:Copper-Wire 1,093 148
Follow Me Alt.Ending (Toshiro x Reader)
This is an Alternate Ending. Please visit the original oneshot so you can understand what's going on. Link is in the description.
Days Without Human Contact: 175
You're lying in a cave. The ceiling isn't interesting but you're staring at it anyway, lost in thought. You're not angry anymore. Not sad, not happy. You're just...nothing. Have been for God knows how long.
It's not any easier.
It's not fair.
It's not right.
Why did you have to lose him again?
You're clutching at straws thinking about how it was even possible, but why does it matter? It doesn't. You can't cry anymore. You eat and drink, as often as you can, but you don't feel it's worth it. Still, something's driving you on. Telling you to wait. But for what?
Toshiro may have miraculously turned back into a human, but he was murdered by the undead again anyway. He sacrificed himself so you could get away. Now you'll never get him back.
Why did you run?
You'd have rather died with him back there. But the pan
:iconcopper-wire:Copper-Wire 230 39
Follow Me (Zombie!Toshiro Hitsugaya x Reader)
They are wrong.
All of the books, comics and movies have everything wrong. Authors and directors thought they knew, thought they had everything sorted out, but they didn't. Of course, no one ever expects anything written in books or playing on-screen to actually happen in real life.
But this did.
Shoot them to the ground, they eventually get back up. Smash their brains in with a shovel, they slow down, even temporarily black out. But they keep coming. Dismember them, they still move.
No matter what is done, the zombies do not stop.
Days without Human Contact: 24
It's strange, walking through the empty streets of Karakura. Not a month ago, you would have been walking to school with friends, relaxed. Real, living friends. Ichigo, and Rukia, and Orihime.
The only warning was the siren. It was blaring, loud, dangerous, and you'll never forget the intimidating ring.
People started dying, just dropping like flies, only to reanimate and kill those dearest to them in a frenzied h
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What Would You Do If...? Romano x Reader oneshot
"Now everyone go into a closet with your given partner, and you have as long as you want to fill with 'What would you do if?' questions! The first people to leave their closet will have a consequence to fill though!" America beamed, his cheeks red from being tipsy.
You shuddered. What was with this thrown together and terribly boring sounding game? It was obvious the American and many others in the room were drunk. It was his birthday, but still. Why the hell did you even come to this party? You sighed, glancing over at your given partner; a very pissed off Romano, who was rosy-cheeked himself.
That was why.
When you had heard that the Italian was coming, you had to restrain yourself from jumping out of your seat and running to America's place.
But you didn't. You arrived late, as you always do, to a room of men knocking back booze like there was no tomorrow. You had stayed with the girls, just to be safe.
Then America approached with a hat full of items, and you all thou
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A Love For... Reading by Copper-Wire A Love For... Reading :iconcopper-wire:Copper-Wire 4 5 A Love For... Writing by Copper-Wire A Love For... Writing :iconcopper-wire:Copper-Wire 0 2 A Love For... Music by Copper-Wire A Love For... Music :iconcopper-wire:Copper-Wire 5 5

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Dirty Tricks (Eren x Reader x Levi) RQ
You raised your fists, facing down against the brunette before you. His sea-green eyes met your [e/c] ones as you circled one another slowly, kicking up tiny puffs of dust from the hard ground. Eren mirrored your movements, unblinking, unflinching, impossible to predict. He kept his face closed, set in concentration and determination.
Suddenly you stopped, and flashed him the sweetest smile you could muster. Caught off guard, he blushed, lowering his hands slightly. The corners of his mouth began to curve into a smile in return, but not before you lunged forward, taking advantage of his distracted state, and swung a fist toward his head.
He realised too late what you had done and rushed to deflect the blow, managing to swerve just in time. The wind from your swing ruffled his dark hair as your fist whistled past his cheek. Surprised, he stumbled, and you darted forward, sweeping his legs out from under him with your own and sending him onto his back with a thud. He huffed as the air wa
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Tip: Painting Blood Step by Step by CGCookie Tip: Painting Blood Step by Step :iconcgcookie:CGCookie 15,794 180 Pokemon Trainer Creator by joy-ling Pokemon Trainer Creator :iconjoy-ling:joy-ling 12,093 3,891
After the Scarf: Girl Talk
"Eren, what are you doing?"
The question was simple, yet the brunette struggled to find an answer. The Corporal waited in front of him impateintly, his arms crossed, an eyebrow raised, as if to say 'well?'.
Eren stood next to the door, one hand still planted near the doorknob. "Er, you see, corporal..." he whispered.
"Why are you whispering?' Rivaille asked him, rather loudly. 
"Shh!" Eren waved his free hand frantically. "They'll know!"
Rivaille's face scrunched in confusion. "What on earth are you talking about?"
Eren motioned to the door. "The girls, they are talking. I was just passing by and I heard the girls talking. So I kinda sorta started listening and-"
"You are spying on them?" Rivaille whispered in disbelief. "Honestly, Jeager, I can understand avoiding chores, but this?"
"...So then he said, very seriously, "Marry me." "
Rivaille stopped. Eren bent back down to the key-hole, pressing an eye to it, revealing a room full of girls, with ______ at the center of att
:iconzephyros22:Zephyros22 372 59
Attack on Cravat! (Rivaille x Reader)
It was a simple dare contest. You and some of the other cadets from the 104th trainees squad were sitting, enjoying lunch at the recon team HQ when suddenly, someone suggested a simple game of truth or dare. Everyone agreed, the day having been long and mundane. They needed something interesting to do.
It started with Sasha, having refused the question asked to her, she was forced to lick a suspicious looking mushroom somone had found nearby. Christa was next. Someone asked her what her most embarrassing moment was, to which she replied, blushing horribly: "Wetting my bed the first night of trainee camp." The whole table laughed at that.
Eren, who had slipped away from his assigned group was asked who at the table would he marry if forced to. Eren blushed and hung his head, pointing ever so slowly at Mikasa, who seemed genuinely surprised. Eren tried to explain himself, claiming that because they were friends, it would be alright, but this only resulted in Mikasa decking the poor
:iconzephyros22:Zephyros22 978 149
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